Winter Specials

The Winter Specials*

Throughout most of the year we have all we can do to keep up with the work requested by clients we’ve worked for in the past, referrals from clients and businesses, and folks who find us in the Yellow Pages on on the internet.

During the Winter months – January, February and March – Carpet Cleaning, Rug Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning slide way down most peoples’ list of priorities. But we have to work. Everyone here supports a family; and all the standard costs associated with running a business still have to be paid.

So we run a big promotion in the Winter months.  You get a BIG discount on our work and we get to eat! And the same Satisfaction Guarantee holds true. We’re discounting the price – not the quality of the work. Our past clients know about this promotion and many of them wait until Winter to take advantage of the discounts so our schedule fills up.

*There is just two conditions:
1. The work must be done in January, February and March.
2. You must live within our immediate trade area
(roughly 30 miles in any direction from Lebanon, NH).
If you want to take advantage of this promotion call now. If you wait until March, judging from our experience, the schedule will probably be filled up.

The Winter Specials

  • The Third room of Carpet is cleaned FREE
  • The Third piece of Upholstery is cleaned FREE
  • When we apply Scotchgard, the Third room or piece of Upholstery is FREE
  • 20% off Rug Cleaning for Cash and Carry
  • 10% off Rug Cleaning when we pick up and deliver

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