Carpet Cleaning

What we do

We’re focused on delivering the best possible end result.  The technician has many years of experience, likes his job, and has been trained in both the technical aspects of cleaning and the importance of understanding and responding to our client’s needs and expectations.

We encourage you to review any and all concerns you have prior to cleaning so your technician can specifically address each one. We have a wide variety of treatments for a wide variety of carpet related issues and experience using them.

How we do it

The system we use most frequently is “hot water extraction” also known as “steam cleaning”.  This is the method recommended by the major carpet manufacturers and the method, we feel, does the best job.

The machine is mounted in a van and is powered by the van’s engine.  The fresh water supply and waste water tank are also in the van. The technician uses a “wand”, a tool similar to a vacuum cleaner head, to clean your carpets. The hot water solution hose and vacuum line are attached to the wand and go back to the van. We also use cleaning agents, similar to soap, but specific to the carpet fibers, to break up the heavy soil. The hot water extraction system is just that. It removes the cleaning agents and soil without leaving a residue.


What you can expect:

We’ll be on time – within the one hour arrival time frame we’ve given you. If we’re running early or late you’ll know as soon as we do.

We will treat you and your home and furnishings with respect.

We will guarantee our work.

The Downside

We can’t fix everything. We can’t restore carpet pile that’s been worn down due to lack of cleaning.  We can’t put color back into a spot in the carpet that has been bleached out by one of those “removes -all-stains” products sold in grocery stores. Nor can we remove all stains.   Our stain removal record is probably over 90%. But it’s not 100%.  We can remove pet accidents. But if the pet is using the same spot on the carpet repeatedly, cleaning and treating the surface of the carpet isn’t going to take care of the problem.

In any event, we’ll tell you up front what we can and can’t do.

We frequently clean for customers who have tried other cleaners and just weren’t satisfied. If that’s you or if you just want to get the best value for your investment I think you will find our prices reasonable, and our service extraordinary.

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